So I met with my co-op teacher yesterday, she is totally amazing! I will be her 15th intern, which is pretty cool. I am so excited to be working with her on my journey to becoming a teacher. However, I got a few curveballs thrown at me yesterday when we met. She is waiting to hear if she is going to get one of the transfers that she put in a request for. So I could end up in grade 1 at Sacred Heart, or grade 3 at St. Angela. Now grade 1 at Sacred Heart would be an amazing learning experience as it is an inner city school, something I do not have much experience with. But grade 3..... EEEKKK!!!! That one has me a little bit worried. Grade 3 is definitely out of my preferred grades and I would even say out of my comfort zone as far as teaching goes. Both would be amazing learning experiences.... if I end up with grade 3 I guess the lesson of learning to roll with the punches is one that I will experience early in my career! I've also been thinking it isn't necessarily the worst to have a range of experience, but the idea of grade 3 scares me a little bit! 

So here I am sitting in limbo waiting to find out what grade I will be interning in and where!!! Fingers crossed for grade 1!
Lacey Euteneier
6/11/2013 14:59:05

That definitely is quite the curve ball! I think it is always good to do something that you are uncomfortable with (I know that might sound weird.) But you never know, you might end up loving grade 3! Good luck and keep updated as to what happens!


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