Finally I am getting my blog set up. I have just returned back to Canada after being down in Fort Smith, Arkansas for the past two and a half weeks, visiting family, and did not have my computer with me. So now I am playing catch up.

My name is Noelle Broda and Prince Albert is home for me. Growing up I was a competitive swimmer, competing all over the province as a member of the Prince Albert Sharks Swim Club. Swimming is a sport I am very passionate about as once I no longer competed I became a coach so that I could still be involved in the sport. I have a passion for fitness and love to spend my free time outdoors running, biking, and swimming. I recently completed my first half marathon and will be running in the Queen City half marathon in September. I also love baking and cooking. If I am not doing some sort of physical activity or hanging out at the lake I can usually be found in the kitchen baking or cooking. 

I have spent a lot of free time over the past few years doing charity and philanthropy work for various groups close to my heart. I was a member of the Friday Night Lights Committee, which raised money to put up lights at our football field in Prince Albert in memory of my cousin. You can follow the link to read an article written about the project Friday Night Lights Project . I also have done a lot of work with Canadian Blood Services and their bone marrow registry work. This is a cause near and dear to my heart as bone marrow transplants can save lives.

As far as family goes, I am pretty sure I am part of one of the most amazing families you could ask for. My mom is most definitely my best friend, she is there 24/7 for whatever I need, no matter how silly. My dad has worked so hard to give us anything we could have dreamed of having and taught us the value of hard work and that we really can do anything we put our minds to. And as far as siblings go, I have hands down the best brothers imaginable. Although I am the oldest, they are very protective and two of my closest friends. 

My biggest inspiration to become a teacher is my Auntie Cathy. She is my mom's sister and lives in Fort Smith, Arkansas (yes I was just there visiting her). She has to be one of the most amazing teachers I have ever seen. She also has the most stuff I have ever seen crammed into a classroom. I go to visit her every spring and spend 2+ weeks with her in her classroom, learning the ins and outs of being a teacher, watching and learning from her, and also spending one-on-one time with students who need extra support within her classroom.

I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge about using technology in the classroom, as I really enjoy working with technology and integrating it into the classroom.
5/16/2013 06:20:54

What a great opportunity to spend time in a classroom on a regular basis. I'm guessing that if you polled most teachers, they have a close relative that is a teacher. In fact, that might be a good survey for Tech Task 2. ;)

5/16/2013 06:51:06

Hey Noelle,
It's really nice meeting you! My biggest inspiration to become an educator is my English teacher from elementary school. She was so fun and could explain even the toughest concept so easily that we could never forget it. I always wanted to be a teacher like her and make her proud.
Read that you are a swimmer..My gosh!! I am so scared of water. Wish i could swim too!


5/20/2013 18:43:30

I am very excited to hear all of your stories from your Auntie's class!


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