It seems like life is getting crazier and crazier as the summer goes on. I am struggling to find time to blog. So here it is.... delayed but finished. 

When I type in "Noelle Broda" into google most of what comes up is nothing to do with me. Of the search results that come up with that search title, the only one that actually is me is the first one. A profile I created when I was 18 years old living in Lake Louise, AB. WAYN is a Facebook type social media page used for people who travel as a way to connect with other travellers in the areas they are in. It is a really cool site. Check it out by following the link above. Other than that, none of the results that came up when I googled myself were anything related to me. 
So I decided to go about this google search a different way. I decided to search myself, and my home town and see what google could come up with. The search results for "Noelle Broda Prince Albert" were much more accurate. Among those I found results from a 10km race that I ran in last fathers day, as well as my Blog, a link to my Relay for Life page for online donations, and links to news articles, which I had spoken to the press for, about a community initiative project I was involved in within my home community. 
However, two thing thats did not come up in my search results were my Facebook profile or my Twitter page. I was not shocked that my Facebook page was not within the search results because I have changed my name on Facebook to something that no one would be able to search me by. I am not really that disappointed that my Facebook profile does not come up, as my Facebook page is personal and I would intend for it to stay that way. However, I am disappointed that my Twitter page does not come up, because I view Twitter as a great way to communicate with other educational professionals.

All in all I am very happy with the search results when pairing my name with my home town. In the future I would like to see my Twitter page come up under my search results, as well as have my blog up higher on the list of results.
6/5/2013 19:46:32

I could not agree more Noelle, it is hard to find the time some days.. or weeks to blog. I am taking 2 online class and one at the uni right now and still working way too many hours. I have spent the last 3 days doing homework (mixed with a bit of pinterest) trying to get everything finished!!

It is kind of strange to see your stuff on google hey? I never did type in my home town on google, which probably would have helped narrow the search for myself..


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