Upon completing all of requirements for this tech task, I figured I would add a separate blog post for my thoughts. 

Five photo Flickr:
I totally loved this!!!!! I love photographs, any kind of photographs really, so being able to see photos taken by other people, and to then link them together to somehow tell a story was totally cool. Plus it was so easy to use. This is definitely something I will use in the future in my classroom, (especially if I end up having to teach my own arts ed classes). I think that even the youngest of students could compete a five photo flickr story, especially with the skill that most young children have with technology these days. It would be great as a class project, or as an individual one. I would also use it in the primary grades as part of a creative writing assignment. The students could create their five photo flickr story, and then write about it. I think they would totally have a blast with it.

Daily Create:
To be honest, I was very apprehensive about these going into it. Upon reading them, there were a lot that sounded really challenging and like a lot of work, but I soon realized that as long as I gave it a shot, that I would most likely surprise myself. I had a lot fun with this part. Reading through all of the daily creates on their twitter feed helped me find the ones that I ended up completing. I can definitely see myself doing more of these in the future, especially the photography ones. It is not something that I could see myself using in my classroom, as I will be interning in a grade 1 class, and my hopes is to teach younger grades. But if I ever ended up in middle years or high school I think that this is definitely something that I could see myself using in my classroom, especially with the BYOT initiatives going on in schools now. Would be a great way to encourage students to get involved with technology for more than just social media use.

Choosing to do a daily create that was photography based, also forced me to sign up for a flickr account. Something I had never really thought of, but now that I have seen what it is, I am totally happy that I took the plunge and became part of the Flickr community. Click here to check out my Flickr page. 

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