For my internship I will  be interning in a grade one class. As I listened to Liz Kolb's presentation, I found some great tools for implementing technology in my classroom. One of the things my co-op teacher commented on when I met her was that she is not really up to speed on all of the technology in the classroom, but that she loves the idea and wants to learn more. This got me super excited because technology is something I really have a knack for. I catch onto technology quite quickly and really enjoy working with it.

The first thing in Liz's presentation that really caught my attention was audioblogger. I got quite excited about it. I was quite disappointed to find out that it is only an application that you are able to use with blogger. After playing around with Weebly, the blog site that I am using, I found out that they also have an audio component, but that it is not quite easily accessible to students, and also needs to be paid for. I would totally use this in my classroom as a way to engage students into using technology. As grade 1 students many of them will not have their own cell phones, but I would guess that almost all of them have access to a cell phone at home.

This would be a great way to record students responses to what they are learning, especially to have them posted to a classroom blog, as a way for parents to hear about their students learning experience (because lets face it, once first graders are home, the common answer to what did you learn at school today is "nothing"). 

I will definitely have to do more researching into a way to incorporate something similar to this into my classroom during internship, and also for my teaching career. I can 100% see myself using this form of technology in my classroom. Project for the summer will be figuring out an easy way of adding student commentary audio to a classroom blog.

We have all experienced remind101 this semester, as it is something that Dean used as part of the course. This is another technology tool that I would love to use in my classroom, especially because I will be working in a classroom with young children. We all know that notes don't always make it home, or out of the backpack with young students, however, a cell phone is something that almost all parents/guardians have, regardless of demographic. It would be so easy to collect a cellphone contact number from parents/guardians of students, and use remind101 or a similar application to remind parents/guardians of important events, dates, or other things going on within the school. 

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